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Legal Declaration

Please read the following carefully!

Access to or use of any Internet sites available on the server is subject to the terms listed below. If you do not agree with these conditions, please do not open our web-pages! 


Whilst East Gate Business Park Kft has endeavoured to ensure that all information uploaded on the WING web-site is correct, no warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy. East Gate Business Park Kft reserves the right to make changes or repairs to the web-site and modify or terminate the material it contains, partially or in full, at any time without notice. We assume no responsibility for any inaccuracies or deficiencies that may arise on the web-site. Any decision taken on the basis of information found at is the sole responsibility of the user. East Gate Business Park Kft assumes no responsibility for damages or losses incurred via access to, failure or use of any information available on the web-site. East Gate Business Park Kft disclaims liability for any damage or loss resulting from access to, utilisation or failure of the web-site and/or the information contained therein. Such limitation of liability shall apply whether damages, losses or expenses arise from use or misuse of the data, inability to use the service, power failure, delay in transmission, computer virus, line or system failure and/or similar causes. Any user of the web-site who provides information to East Gate Business Park Kft accepts that East Gate Business Park Kft is thereby granted the unlimited right to use such information in any manner according to its own discretion. Information provided by users shall be regarded as public and will be received without any form of compensation. 

Personal data protection:

Any personal data made available to East Gate Business Park Kft. through the use of the web-site shall be handled in accordance with Statute LXIII of 1992 concerning the protection of private and public data. In the event that you provide any kind of personal information to WING Zrt, you grant us the right to handle and record this data for the purpose and duration of the given transaction. Information provided by you to East Gate Business Park Kft shall be utilised especially, but not exclusively, for the following purposes: Market research and analysis, Analysis of consumer habits, Assemble popularity statistics and to provide information concerning free prizes and various contests, Provide information in connection with new products, services and special sales, and in order to facilitate orders 

East Gate Business Park shall handle all information in connection with customers, partners, clients and pertinent transactions as business secrets. Only the providers of this information may grant exemption from this responsibility. East Gate Business Park Kft shall handle all data it receives via the Internet with the same protection as that accorded to information received by other means. Please be aware that the WING web-site also enables access to web-sites operated by other companies and organisations. East Gate Business Park Kft assumes no responsibility for the content, accuracy or protection of data posted on these sites. Should you make use of these sites, it is recommended that you be suitably informed regarding the data protection policy of the organisation running a given site. 


All imagery, sound and textual content appearing on the WING web-sites as well as their design and layout are protected by copyright and trademark laws. Use of this material in any way for reasons other than personal use is only possible with the express prior written consent of East Gate Business Park Kft. Users shall be aware that any violation of the terms described above may result in criminal proceedings with regard to the infringement of civic and copyright laws. East Gate Business Park Kft will prosecute any known violation.